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Father forgive
Today’s Reading: Matthew 6:12 Matthew 6:12 Version – NIV
There is a saying: “Remembering the past is suffering twice.” Nobody likes to remember past mistakes and sufferings. Memories of the past can become a heavy load; weighing in our conscience and our heart.

We complain about things we should have done and didn’t. We suffer for having done or said something. Oh, if people could fix past mistakes or made different choices!

Our mistakes, our failures, our disappointments all are in the past. All this come back to mind and affects the way we live today, generating nightmares and anxieties.

But let me tell you some good news: you do not need to suffer or bear the burden of your sin. Jesus taught us to pray and ask, “Father … forgive us our trespasses …”

With faith in your heart, and with the humility of those who need help and comfort, turn to Jesus. Receive from Him forgiveness and the way to start a new life. Jesus’ forgiveness removes from your life the burden of the past and restores the joy and peace that you need today.

Ildefonso Torres