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Anxiety - Future
Today’s Reading: John 4:14
Are you part of that group of people who only think about the future? I hope not, because we must work today to build a better future for you and your people.

Daily anxiety and the obsessive notion of riches have affected both the extent and quality of human life. So we face diseases, weariness and anxiety.

Pay attention! When you are not satisfied with anything in life; when money is no longer enough to live; when the fear of failure and the future takes hold of your heart, there will be no joy in life and anxiety will attack your spirit and your body.

Be satisfied with what you have; live with simplicity; do not spend all you earn.

If you live worrying about the future, know that perhaps the future will never arrive. You’ll die tired as if there were no rest in eternity. Work and rest, as needed, earn and spend with balance, this is essential. Live the present as if it were the future because this is sensible.

Always work, but do away with anxiety. Live life! Jesus is the fountain of life. Drink that water and you will never thirst.

Ildefonso Torres