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Prayer And Comunication
Today’s Reading:Psalm 17:6, Psalm 77:1, Isaiah 38:5 Version NIV
When problems arise or when we get into a difficult situation, we resort to prayer. We ask God to save us and in return we promise something if He resolves our difficulties.

However, the father who loves his son will not please him all the time. If the father is wise, he will not do for the child what the child can do on his own. God loves us and is wise. He does not give us all that we ask, nor relieves our headaches if we can just take an aspirin. If the child gets close to the father just to ask, it only shows immaturity. However, the child shows maturity when he sits next to his father for a small conversation, without asking for anything.

Our prayers to God should be more than just requests. Prayer is the way of communication; it is the medium in which you become aware of the reality of God’s presence around you and your life.

If you want to communicate with God today, enter into your bedroom, close the door and, with humility in your soul, talk with Him. Talk to Him as if you were speaking to a friend, talk with your heart. When nobody has time to listen, God listens to you; God understands and renews your joy and passion for life.

Ildefonso Torres