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Emphasicing Positive Final
Today’s Reading: Romans 14:19 NIV
Memories can torture us. Think, for example: During the day, many things have gone well and just one went wrong. When you retire to rest, what will you remember? Of what went wrong, of course. We still think long about what happened and let a little thing bothering us follow, causing discomfort and bitterness. When this happens, we need to put a stop to the negative thoughts so that they, in turn, do not kill our joy and satisfaction.

Instead of giving value to negative experiences, we must emphasize the positive. The Roman Christians were allowing some superficial problems destroy their joy and fellowship. Certain religious rituals, which were abolished by Christ, began to be emphasized by some of them: Keeping the Sabbath, forbidden foods and other traditions.

The apostle Paul instructed them: “Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.”

The emphasis should always be placed on the positive features, generating unity and peace; rather than small differences of opinion, sources of discord.

With God’s help, we can make this well-founded decision: Emphasize the positive aspects in the daily lives of people, avoiding suffering, worries and useless discussions.

Ildefonso Torres