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Who is Jesus
Who is Jesus?
Today’s Reading: Luke 22:70, John 4:25-26

Who is Jesus for you? Nobody has ever received so many names like Jesus. He is Master, Friend, Prophet, Savior, and Nazarene. All these names help to describe certain aspects of the person and life of Jesus. Jesus’ names help us learn more about his history, and the time in which he lived here on earth.

If you call Jesus “Master”, you will recognize how He taught the truth of the Kingdom of God. He always spoke with authority, and taught the words of eternal life.

If you call Jesus “Savior”, you will highlight his love by giving His life to clean the sin of men.

There is something special about Jesus that makes Him different from all teachers, prophets and leaders who have passed through the earth. Jesus is God, God in human form. Jesus himself says he is “the Son of God.” Given this statement of Jesus, you must consider Him as God and worship Him, or you must conclude that He was a liar and an impostor.

Who is Jesus for you? From now on always answer with absolute certainty: “Jesus is God, my God, my Lord and my Savior!”

Ildefonso Torres