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Happiness Without Mask
Happiness Without a Mask
Today’s Reading: John 14:1-10, John 10:10, Jeremiah 29:11 Version CEV

It would be better if you had no need to pretend. It would be better if you had no need to hide your sadness and unhappiness through a forced smile or a sentence like this: “All is well!” said without much conviction.

The smile on your face should be a sign without pretense of a state of inner peace, confidence, contentment and true happiness.

In Jesus you find the key to joy, true happiness.

Why Jesus? Because He takes away the sin off our lives. He forgives us. Forgiveness restores our peace with God, our inner peace and our peace with others. Furthermore, Jesus teaches us the way forward in life. When we propose to follow Jesus, we will avoid much suffering and tears. With Jesus, we can endure sufferings and the adversities of life; for He gives us a new vision of life and eternity; in addition, of course, help and comfort.

In Jesus, you discover that the joy and happiness does not depend on the circumstances, be they good or bad, but of his personal communion with God.

Look Jesus, find Him, the true meaning of life. Then you have on your face a natural smile, the smile of one who is happy.

Ildefonso Torres