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Today’s Reading: Mark 2:1-8 Version CEV
When we pay attention to some of the miracles of Jesus, we are shocked to see that the religious leaders of the time failed to discover the meaning of these.

Jesus healed a paralytic, but first stated that the man’s sins were forgiven. The religious argued: “Why would he say such a thing? He must think he is God! Only God can forgive sins.” There was this paralytic man walking from one side to another. They should rejoice in this fact but, however, were enraged and worried, saying that Jesus was breaking the law.

This leads us to think about how often you and I fail to see the miracles that occur every day around us. A happy and beautiful child runs around and we shout: “Do not do that, you’ll soil your clothes!”

The sun shines in a blue sky and people complain: “What a hellish heat” When rain falls, this expression is heard: “This bad weather will ruin my weekend!”

Small blessings, miracles, fall upon us every day: The sound of music, the air we breathe, the beauty of the trees, our expectations and hopes. However, among murmuring, wailing and gloominess, we see miracles. We must ask God: “Lord, do not let me miss the miracles!”

Ildefonso Torres