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Drug Prevention
Today’s Reading: Proverbs 22:3-6 Version ESV

In our cities, hundreds even thousands of young people are involved in the use and trafficking of drugs.

A university professor, expert in drug prevention says: “Our research shows that there is an intimate relationship between drug addiction and the problems and divisions in the family.” Parents seek to meet the material needs of the children; however, each day they spend less time with them. “The result,” says the same teacher, “is a lack of affection that young people try to supplement at an early age, with the illusion that drugs produce.”

Prevention of drug use begins within the family; if the children receive affection, understanding and live in a stable environment, they will develop the ability to say no to drugs.

Do not endanger the life and future of your children. Provide for their needs such as housing, food, school, clothes. But we must remember that these things are not the most important. Give your children time, dedication, proper discipline, Christian education and, above all, love!

The Bible teaches, “Train up a child in the way, and when he is old he will not depart from it”. Do this and you can prevent many evils in their lives. Do it now, before it’s too late!

Ildefonso Torres