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The Worst Deficiency
Today’s Reading: 1 Peter 1:3-9 Version CEV

Many people overcome their physical weaknesses and face life in a natural way. However physical deficiency often brings a sense of rebellion and bitterness.

We are talking about physical impairments. However, it is good to clarify that we are surrounded by thousands of people spiritually impaired or poor at heart. You and I have our shortcomings: shortcomings in our emotions, our feelings, our character, and our personality.

It is common to find people who prefer to stay away emotionally. They do not know how to give and receive love. Everywhere we find selfish people, depraved, incoherent, aggressive, and with other aberrations.

The physical shortcomings are obvious; spiritual shortcomings are highlighted in our social relations. It’s good to know that God cares about our deficiencies. God knows the cause, the origin of our weaknesses: our sin. Sin manifests in our selfishness and our natural rebellion against God’s will.

To eliminate the cause and the effects of our shortcomings, God assumed human form in Jesus Christ. Christ died and rose again, he overcame sin and death. He beat forever our deficiencies in body and soul. Jesus is our hope!

Ildefonso Torres