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Death Penalty 1
Today’s Reading: Romans 6:22-23 Version NIV

The criminal was tried and sentenced to death. By a squad?  By the electric chair? By lethal injection? No matter the method, the goal is the same: Death!

The history of mankind is the history of death, the death of thousands and millions of men and women, old, young and children.

In newspapers, radio, television, or the internet, the news are always hot when it relates to fatalities.

How many will die this year in wars, revolutions, terrorism, bombings, and assaults?

You and I are doomed! Condemned to die! Today, tomorrow or within a few years, but it will happen because there is condemnation “The wages of sin is death,” says the Bible.

In this confusion of bodies and in the unbearable stench of death, there is a ray of hope. The smell of life emerges and spreads: Jesus, the Son of God, agreed to be sentenced to die in our place, but transformed his death into life, life for himself and for all who are condemned to die.

Jesus is God’s forgiveness to free us of the death penalty!

Ildefonso Torres