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Eliminate the Attitude
Today’s Reading: Psalm 62:9 Galatians 5:26 James 1:9 Job 20:6-7 Version=CEV


“Where do you work? What do you do?” These are some of the questions we get when we meet a person. If an individual is an executive, to us it could seem to be a person of prestige, power and respect. But if it is a simple worker with calloused hands, sunburned, we do not give much attention or any prominence to them.

If a girl is going to marry an engineer, people say: “It will be a good marriage”; but if he marries a simple manual laborer, our thinking is different.

We value people by what they do and what they are. God, however, has given us different gifts, and each individual has their own abilities. Some skills are more visible than others, but everyone is important.

God has given each of us different abilities and gifts, according to his will. If God does that distribution of gifts and considers all equally important, it is we who need to change. We need to re-evaluate the judgment we make of our fellow men.

A psalmist wrote in the Bible: “We humans are only a breath; none of us are truly great. All of us together weigh less than a puff of air”.

We challenge you to eliminate that attitude of arrogance and value both the one that picks up the trash or the barber, as the doctor or engineer.

Ildefonso Torres