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It's Never Enough
Today’s Reading: Genesis 4:1-17
The mother never gets tired of saying to the child: “Do not play with matches, do not cross the street alone!” And the child does not get tired of answering: “I know, I know!” However the mother replies, “I know you know, but I don’t want you to forget.”

Some warnings need to be repeated, since they are vital for our loved ones because they forget easily.

God always repeats and reminds us not to forget that we love one another. The consequences are disastrous if we forget these words. We must remember the Bible story about one son called Cain; his lack of love led him to kill his own brother, Abel. The story draws a parallel between the lack of love and murder. They look like two very different things, but in reality the consequences are the same.

Whenever we insult, criticize, offend or humiliate a person; by thought, word or deed; it’s as if we killed our neighbor. And if we continue to do so, we slowly and mercilessly destroy him.

Similarly, if we love, understand and respect our neighbor, he will improve; his joys will be multiplied; and his sorrows will be reduced or eliminated.

Ildefonso Torres