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Today’s Reading: 1 Peter 4:9-11 Version CEV

Most of us have received unexpected visitors. Isn’t that true? In most cases, these people do not stop apologizing, “Excuse me for coming unannounced, excuse the inconvenience, I didn’t want to bother you, etc., etc.” Apologizing for everything!

The attitude of the owners of the house is what determines if the environment is pleasant or not. Some have the wonderful gift of being able to receive visitors in all kinds of circumstances and conditions: It is possible that the house is messy but, who cares? Others, however, claim that all is well; but when the visitor leaves, they start complaining and saying it would have been better if he had not come.

We recommend that you practice hospitality. It is easy to understand the warnings about brotherly love, self-control etc. But to us hospitality seems to be a small issue! Why do we make this recommendation? In the past, it was common that the traveler was staying at the home of the family. And although times have changed, people are still more important than anything else.

So we must ask God, “Lord, help us practice hospitality with pleasure, and give our attention and friendship to those who come to our house. Amen.”

Ildefonso Torres