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Confess to Each Other
Today’s Reading: James 5:14-16 Version NIV

A friend is one to whom we open our hearts, who analyzes its content with wisdom and gentleness, and keeps what is of worth and, with a breath of kindness, erases the rest.

We all have heard and many have experienced that confession is good for the soul. And it is true. When someone has a disease, he needs to identify it to find the cure. The same applies to those suffering for sin. There are, however, those who laugh at the idea of ​​confessing one’s sins to one another; they claim that this is a thing of the past. However, these are the same people who spend a fortune consulting psychologists confessing them the darkest details of their past, in an attempt to bring peace to their souls today.

Confession implies a full and frank admission of our guilt. When we confess, we need to say: “I did it!” We cannot say: “It was his fault”, or “my parents are to blame, because they raised me like that”. We need to confess with honesty and truth.

Let us remember that the first step to our healing is admitting we are sick. Without this, not even God, the great physician of souls, can do anything for us. Let us ask God for the humility to recognize our mistakes and the courage to confess them. Only then we will be healed.

Ildefonso Torres