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Do Not Complain
Today’s Reading: James 5:9-11 Version GNT

When things go wrong, we lose our patience and composure. The person who is quiet and calm under normal circumstances, during the crises of life begins to deplore the past and doubt the future; thus, there is no hope of living a happy life and this leads to complaints and demands.

We can say one thing about those who live complaining: They are people who allow external circumstances to destroy their joy. They are always victims of circumstance and don’t try to overcome the difficulties. To make matters worse, those who are always complaining destroy not only their own lives but also the lives of those around them.

The husband offends the wife; the wife reproaches the husband; friends and brothers insult each other, and all this because “everything is uncertain.” This negative attitude is completely contrary to what we should do.

Do not complain! Fight, fight, and fight without ceasing! A man once said: “Brothers, do not complain against one another.” Words of wisdom. Learn to overcome the circumstances, instead of being overcome by them.

Ildefonso Torres