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Jesus the Messiah
Today’s Reading: Matthew 22:41-46 Version=CEV

Christ, the name given to Jesus, always reminds us of his suffering and death. However, the word Christ does not mean victim, but speaks of the mission of Jesus. Christ means Messiah. On the other hand, we always think of the Messiah as an individual who appears and is ready to be the Savior of the fatherland!

Jesus, the Son of the living God, is neither Messiah nor Christ in the popular sense of the words. In fact, Christ is the translation of the Greek word Messiah, which means “anointed”, the one who receives the anointing with oil, which means the descent of the Spirit of God upon his life for a special task.

The task was to lead the people to return back to God, rule over them and free them from their oppressors, their troubles and their sufferings. Jesus is the Messiah, in the real sense of the word. He takes us back to the arms of God, rules with justice on our lives and constantly released us from the miseries of life. He is not an empty promises Messiah. He came, conquered the world and death, inaugurating a new era.

Eternal life has begun for us with the coming of the “Messiah”!

Ildefonso Torres