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Nazareth Shine 3
Today’s Reading: John 1:44-46, Acts 26:18 Version CEV

The dialogue between Philip and Nathanael contained a wrong concept about Nazareth, a town in the region of Galilee, in northern Palestine. Why is it a misconception? Because, after all, Nazareth was a good town, surrounded by mountains, near the famous road, Alexander the Great passed by with his legions and Napoleon will march through with his troops.

Nazareth might have been a good city, but Nathanael, an Orthodox Jew, could not conceive the idea that Israel’s Messiah would come from a city full of gentiles. Those that were not Jew were gentiles or pagan. For them the light of the Everlasting God had not yet shone. They lived in the darkness of spiritual ignorance.

But Jesus went to live in Nazareth, land of pagans, identifying with people outside the borders of Israel. In Jesus the blood and the territorial barriers were broken, In Jesus; God’s light will shine over all the nations of the earth.

Today, we should ask: “Lord Jesus, as your children we want to shine your light among the nations of the earth. Deliver us from all misconceptions we have about race, color of skin, languages and nations.” Amen.

Ildefonso Torres

Photo by Masterjohn881