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Compassion of Jesus
Today’s Reading: Matthew 28:20 Version CEV

When suffering knocks at our door, enthusiasm and joy of living go out the window. This is how thousands of people live. But this does not have to happen to those who know Jesus through an experience of personal salvation.

With Jesus, suffering faces hope and certainty. Without Jesus and without hope life is nothing more than fatigue and afflictions; and any small problem becomes a mountain of difficulties. Daily, Jesus places himself at our side. He knows our steps and guides us to the safe path. Jesus clears up our ideas and leads us with a firm hand.

If any one of our children screams for help, we leave everything and run to his rescue. It is no different with Jesus, who gave his life for us. His presence at our side is guaranteed. He said: “And lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.”

Life can be much more than a sea of tears. Jesus is our source of joy and peace.

Ildefonso Torres