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The Spring of Jesus
Today’s Reading: John 7:37-39 Version CEV

Imagine a natural fountain, where crystal waters flow and roll downhill with thunder and beauty. Many, when they see a fountain like this, stop to appreciate its beauty and test its waters.

When our thirst is spiritual, the only source able to satisfy us is Jesus. Jesus is the source of living waters. If we drink from that source, from within us will flow rivers of living water.

The experience of life is always difficult, full of problems, and dry roads. Our heart cries out for peace, security, food and life. And those things, only Jesus can give to us.

Today life can be very different for you. To approach Jesus, the fountain of living waters, have faith. Bow your head and let the Spirit of God take possession of your heart, your body, and your mind.

Today ask God, with a sincere heart, for the water of life, and leave behind the desert of selfishness, evil, anger; and live!

Come to live a life as useful and attractive as a crystal water fountain! Become, in this world, an oasis of peace, joy and life!

Ildefonso Torres