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I Am The Door - Final
Today’s Reading: John 10:9 Version NKJV

What is the meaning of salvation? Salvation is freedom, abundance and life. Salvation means not only a heaven after death, but our encounter with life, here and now. Salvation is healing, removing all our worries and our disappointments. It is the healing of the wounds of the heart, caused by contempt, bitterness and disappointments.

Salvation is the restoration of the dignity of man, created by God in his image and likeness. It is to receive back the desire to live, to fight, to understand and to become someone useful.

The gateway to a country is a passport. The gateway to a good job can be knowledge, experience or unfortunately influence. The gateway to life is not money, or health, or good friends. The gate to life is Jesus! You must go through Him, receive forgiveness, inner freedom, the power of his Spirit, so that life outbreaks naturally. Life, then, becomes joy, peace, love, kindness and understanding.

There is a door that opens onto a new relationship with God and with people. Jesus is the door! Enter through this door and live!

Ildefonso Torres

Graphic by Michelle Kincaid