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Jesus is the Way - a
Today’s Reading:  John 14:6 Version CEV

Jesus is the door of salvation, the door that opens to the re-encounter of the human being with the eternal God. But how can anyone, confused, tired and destroyed from within, find that door? Jesus is the way by which men, women and children find direction for their steps.

If Jesus is the door where we come in and out and find food for our souls, we will understand that life is freedom, security and livelihood. Likewise, if Jesus is the way, He did not merely lead us to the door, but also shows us the way we have to go, the course, the direction, the goals we have in life. It is not an inner struggle of our conscience, whether we are, or not, pleasing to God; a constant concern of being in the wrong path. If we use the path or the way that Jesus represents, we will be able to admire the flowers at the roadside.

The question is only one: Are we? If we are on the way, the direction has been defined already; we know within ourselves what lies ahead.

Let us say with gratitude: “How unhappy would it be to live aimlessly, Lord! You are the door that opens to the way, the path that extends before us that guide our steps. Amen!”

Ildefonso Torres