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In God's Hands
Today’s Reading:  John 10:28-29, Isaiah 49:15-16, Isaiah 62:3 Version NIV

Men let themselves be led by appearances, but God sees and knows the heart. He sees the real reasons why we fight and live. God knows our intentions and does not forsake us in our desire to see his love and forgiveness take over the world.

Every time we stand at the service of good, great and wonderful things happen in our lives. The first is the interior restoration; the second, total contempt for earthly things; and third, a deep and genuine feeling of respect and worship to God.

Every morning, God gives us a new chance to live. According to his divine providence, we are located where we can apply his will, carry out good deeds and spread his love. This is the life that gives us meaning, meaning not by appearance, but by security, not of anxiety but of a hopeful future.

God is watching us and is moved by those who show confidence to leave all our future in his hands. In whose hands is your future?

Ildefonso Torres