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Free Yourself Final Final
Today’s Reading: John 8:31-34 Version CEV

Do not stay depressed, free yourself! Depression is the cause of your melancholy and sadness. Depression turns you into a slave. Free yourself! There is no reason to stay angry and resentful. There is no reason for you to continue feeling sorry for yourself.

The failures to solve problems, those feelings of guilt, all of these things have led you to hopelessness. Today there is much talk about the liberation of women, sexual liberation, and economic liberation. However, these are not only liberations but debauchery and they become dangerous when freedom is confused with irresponsibility.

Searching for sexual satisfaction without serious commitment is debauchery. To have complete freedom in all areas of our lives we need to start from an inner freedom, real freedom from selfishness, evil, hatred, and sin. We can only achieve this freedom through Jesus Christ. He gives us the diagnosis and the remedy.

He who sins is a slave of sin. On the other hand, those who know Christ and remain in his Word, know the truth and the truth will set them free.

Find freedom in Jesus! Free yourself!

Ildefonso Torres