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The Love of Jesus Final
Today’s Reading: 1 John 4:10 Version CEV

Love! Love! A word so small, so simple and yet often misunderstood and sometimes unknown, in relation to its real meaning.

To talk about love is to talk about Jesus Christ, because for Him love is much more than an abstract idea: it’s a lifestyle.

To worship God and to love our neighbor is a way to show love. And love can be demonstrated through forgiveness, understanding, justice, brotherhood and intercession.

Jesus’ teachings were made in the form of phrases, filled of love, whose contents he demonstrated with his actions. Many were touched by the love of Jesus, many! Paralytics, epileptics, blind, possessed, and none stopped from being struck by the love that came from heaven.

There is no emptiness in the human heart that cannot be filled by love. And we, creatures of God have the ability to love because He loved us first and sent his only Son to die for us. Is there a love greater than this? Would you be willing to die for your friends?

Jesus tells us to love those around us and only then we will become his disciples.

Ildefonso Torres