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Sincerity Melts
Today’s Reading: Psalm 19:12

Being sincere is not easy. Being sincere requires discipline, honesty in the correct judgment of all things. Sincerity begins in the relationship we have with ourselves, we cannot exaggerate when we judge the best or the worst that constitutes our personality.

We need to be honest with the people around us; we cannot say one thing in front of a person, and behind quite another.

As far as God is concerned, sincerity must be in the way we worship and the prayer we address to Him.

To live as Christians, we can never get rid of sincerity. Sincerity can melt the hardest heart.

Our relationship with God can be a mixture of holiness and hypocrisy. It is necessary to review our faith daily, because there may be a hidden facet of our feelings. The best therapy to cure us of insincerity is to ask God: Lord, may there be in me a sincere willingness towards you and my neighbor. As for my mistakes, “Deliver me from hidden faults.”

Ildefonso Torres