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The Great Commandment Final
Today’s Reading: Mark 12:30-31 Version NIV

The word commandment always brings the idea of obedience, discipline and a search for the right behavior. However, speaking of “commandments” Jesus refers to the beginning of life and makes an invitation to heed his advice, finding in them joy, peace and personal satisfaction. This is the law of love; not to oppress anyone, on the contrary, it generates life, understanding and happiness.

Love your neighbor as yourself; it is the commandment of Jesus. It is an invitation that challenges us to abandon our individualism to participate in the lives of others through acts of kindness, love and tenderness.

We must pay attention to the people around us, because many need our help. We need more than ever to stop being self-centered, only worrying about our stuff.

It’s time to change. It is necessary to pay more attention to the events around us, because sometimes, we are bearers of the only solution to the problems of other people. Love is not just a feeling but also action. Jesus invites us to act!

Ildefonso Torres