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Jesus is the Way  - Final
Today’s Reading: John 14:6 Version NIV

Do you like to travel? To travel and see the beauties of other countries, traveling and visiting friends and relatives.

We travel to rest, to distract ourselves and enjoy life. The problem is that many believe that travels, or trips, should be done in an imaginary way through drugs, sex or booze. There are also trips of hatred, resentment and revenge. There are fantasy trips, trips that make us forget those around us, make us forget our responsibility as a father or a mother, as a brother, as a friend or as a citizen. These trips do not bring happiness or joy, only afflictions and pain. They cause people to be alone and lost at the crossroads of life. They only hear their own voice as an echo repeating the same questions: “Where am I going? How will I get there? What I am going to do?”

Jesus says: “I am the way, the truth and the life…” The way to where? The way to hope, to happiness and salvation.

With Jesus you can make the best trip of your life, filled of meaning, joy and peace. You know what? Jesus has promised not only to be with you all the trips of your life, comforting and encouraging you, but also to be with you forever, even after death.

Ildefonso Torres