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Jesus Brea of Life Final
Today’s Reading: John 6:27 Version NIV

“Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life.”

How should we interpret these words of our Lord Jesus Christ? If Jesus were with the people every day, multiplying loaves of bread and fish, then no one will need to worry, or work. There is something we know very well: Jesus always worked and did not send anyone to sit back and wait for the bread to fall from the sky.

To work is one thing and to remain anxiously fighting for bread every day as if life were hardly a material thing is quite another. Jesus was right. You cannot work only to feed the body, we must also nourish our spirits and regenerate our spiritual energies. You need to think about a life that is divided between love, kindness, joy and then extends for all eternity.

Jesus is the bread of life; however, there are many people living in a real spiritual poverty, a meaningless, useless, sad and selfish life.

Jesus is our food, because food means life. With him we will overcome our most difficult trials. With him we will develop spiritual maturity. With Jesus and in Jesus, we have the strength to spread love, peace, joy, kindness.

That bread is worth fighting for!

Ildefonso Torres