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Jesus the Living Water
Today’s Reading: John 4:7-9 Version NIV

The sun is high in the sky, it must be noon, and Jesus stopped to rest at the well of Jacob, in close proximity to a city of Samaria.

A woman from the city comes to the well. Why does she come at noon and not like the other women, in the morning? “Jesus saith unto her, Give me to drink.” He was just a man asking for a drink of water, but it was enough for the two to talk about their concepts of race and religion. She did not show a desire to talk; but Jesus could read her soul like an open book. This woman had a huge thirst for life. She had come to the well at noon, because she was a woman of many men and the other women did not want her company. She needed to restore her life and feel the sustenance of forgiveness, love and goodness. Ah, if there was a water source capable of killing her spiritual thirst! Yes there was! Jesus could bring out from her a source of living water. So, the water well became secondary.

When she ran to tell the others what had happened, she remembered that she had forgotten her water container. The vessel was left behind, as was also behind the desert of her life. She had reached the oasis that Jesus represents!

Ildefonso Torres