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Authority Jesus Final

Today’s Reading: 1 Corinthians 2:9-11, Matthew 11:27 Version NIV

Speaking about the mysteries of God’s revelation to us, theologian, author and American pastor Robert Charles Sproul says: “There are many truths that God reveals to us about Himself that are beyond our capacity to understand. Given the difference between the exalted character of God and our status as created beings, this difficulty should not surprise us. We may come to greater understanding of many of these mysterious truths at some future point in redemptive history. However, even then we may never fully understand some truths.” [Sproul, R. C. (2011). What Is the Trinity? (Vol. 10, pp. 55–56). Orlando, FL: Reformation Trust.]

We do not have an intellectual, moral, or supernatural ability to know God. However, God is revealed to us. He, on his own free will lets us know a little of what He is, who He is and what He wants from us. Still, we do not know God well. Insecurity takes the place of tranquility, distrust the place of faith and despair the place of serenity.

When we learn about God’s authority, we conclude that He directs all things. Nothing escapes his knowledge, and could not be otherwise: the fate of your life is in God’s hands, nothing will happen by chance!

Let uncertainties in the hands of God. He and only He can guarantee peace, tranquility and security. To approach God, we need to take a small step: a step of faith.

Believe and rest! God exists and cares for your life! He will be with you all the way!

The true disciple of Christ lives to serve.

Ildefonso Torres