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Tolerance of Jesus Final
Today’s Reading: Colossians 3:12 Version ESV

If you are accustomed to say, “I cannot stand that person!” maybe you are suffering from an intolerance disorder. Be careful, because the feeling of intolerance is the result of a lack of love and ability to forgive.

When we begin to judge others, we risk losing the sense of justice, peace and joy. Assuming false attitudes of love and forgiveness, does not solve the problem. To disguise our tendency for intrigues and confusions will only sprout roots of bitterness and develop trees of dullness and weariness.

Every day we find ourselves in a number of situations that require patience and understanding. As Christians, our attitudes should transpire kindness, humility, patience and gentleness.

Every day we must face evil with good. However, doing good, when we are paid with evil, always brings about criticism and humiliation in a society where profits and compensations are thought of as the norm.

It is good to remember that the only profit or advantage that we should seek is a peaceful heart, a clear conscience, the joy of doing the will of God. With Jesus we learn the way of tolerance and transform the difficulties and aggression of life into opportunities to live, to forgive and to love our fellow man.

Ildefonso Torres