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Jesus is Life Eng Final
Today’s Reading: Matthew 6:25-27 Version ESV

Millions and millions of years ago, some scientists say, a cell emerged and appeared. It was life. This tiny cell developed and constitutes all living species we have today.

Do you know what? It is inconceivable that life evolved in such an organized way, full of thousands of details, of beauty and perfection, without following a model of superior intelligence.

Did it happen all a sudden from an spontaneous and organised movement of matter? Impossible!

However, the biggest problem or dilemma is not the beginning of life but its end: death!

Jesus, arguing about our excessive concern about clothes, food and goods, asked: “Which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?” Can the rich man buy with his money a few minutes of life? The answer is no! However, we think it could be done. We confuse life with material goods, with prestige, with appearance, pleasure and power. Again, Jesus tells us to beware of all types of greed, because the real life of a person does not depend on the things he has, even if they are many.

In Jesus we find origin, meaning and continuation of life. Even if you die, you will live!

Ildefonso Torres