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Jesus Light 1a
Today’s Reading: John 9:1-5 Version CEV

Ignorance can be represented by darkness, by blindness. A person without knowledge of the human body cannot do surgery; he would be lost, not knowing what to do, from one place to another, as if in a dark house.

Another reality represented by darkness and blindness are our works, such as corruption, theft, lying, adultery. These are things we do in secret, without other people knowing or being aware of them. Those who practice these things don’t want to be exposed, caught and therefore want to give others the idea of possessing a real character, an honest and righteous life.

A man born blind was seen by the disciples of Jesus. In this case, blindness by itself did not make this man an ignorant or a bad person.

The disciples, on the other hand, showed their ignorance by asking if anyone was to blame for the man’s birth blindness. Our world, full of people with physical and character deficiencies, is a place filled with opportunities, opportunities to bring them the light. Jesus transforms the darkness of life into the knowledge of God and salvation. He reveals the hidden works and thoughts. Jesus is the light of the world!

Ildefonso Torres