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Today’s Reading: Psalm 139:1-4; Matthew 12:36-37 Version CEV

What is the basis for a stable marriage? Is it love or romance? Or is it, perhaps, economic security? Will this stability be based on cultural instruction?

Marriage is based on a serious, voluntary and personal commitment. Generally, this commitment is made public in the presence of relatives, friends and witnesses. The man and woman promise to love, honor and be faithful to each other until death. These promises are traditionally made before the Church and before God.

The eternal God knows every word spoken and all commitments made. Therefore, we need to take seriously and not to break the commitment carried out with the person with whom we have married and promised love and loyalty forever.

When a man and a woman are able to say to each other: “Despite all the crises, I have promised to love, honor and be faithful, and I keep my word.” It is as if a door opened to solve the most difficult problems and, if necessary, restore the joy and understanding between spouses.

The commitment of love between spouses is subject to the instability of human feelings and is God himself who helps us fulfill these commitments.

Ildefonso Torres