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Today’s Reading: Ephesians 5:28-33; Matthew 19:6 Version ESV

Marriage is consummated, is completed in the sexual union. However, marriage goes beyond physical union. Marriage includes all other areas of life: social, mental and spiritual.

They are married! From now on, even though they are two different persons, it is as if they were one person, one flesh.

To love your wife is like loving your own body, says the Bible. There are no straight words like these to describe the union between a man and a woman, and that is done through marriage. They describe the union and leave a warning: The body needs warmth, tenderness and resents abuse!

There is a lot of sexual depravity and depravity of character in our society; this generates anxiety, emptiness, and loneliness. Unfortunately, there is selfishness, fights and separations between spouses; they always leave behind a trail of suffering and distress. However, nothing can destroy or obscure the union between a man and a woman who was made before God and with his blessing. Such a union brings life, joy, sincerity, comfort and is the basis of society. What God has joined together, no human being will be able to destroy.

Ildefonso Torres