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Jesus Advocate

Today’s Reading: 1 John 2:1 Version NIV

When a Christian commits an error, a mistake, a grave sin, there are those who are ready and willing to condemn and ridicule his behavior.

Only a few people remember that Christ forgiveness cleans and purifies our sins; Christ accepts the sinner again and again without restriction.

No one needs to carry that feeling of guilt, head down and ashamed, if it was forgiven and received by Christ. Peter denied his Master, lied, then confessed and pulled out of his chest the rottenness that his act meant. The burning tears streamed down his face, Jesus opened his arms to receive and restore him. That sin was forgiven. Forgiveness is forgiveness!

There are grave sins that destroy our inner being and need to be removed. This problem does not have an easy solution. For the children of God, although freed by Christ, live a life burdened by a thousand rules and precepts. The rituals of religion, worship and everyday life become enslaving and a heavy burden, after all, didn’t Christ set us free from all of these? You say, “I do not know, I’m free but yet, I’m still scared. He is a righteous judge; could we be condemned by our defense counselor, our advocate?

If Jesus does not condemn you, who will? Have confidence in God’s forgiveness. Repent, confess your sins, turn to God and live in peace and enjoy freedom! Jesus is our Advocate!

Ildefonso Torres