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Dream or Reality
Today’s Reading: Ephesians 5:22-33 Version NIV

Anyone who have been married for a month, or for ten years, knows very well that the “happily ever after” phrase does not become a reality in front of the problems and conflicts that are lived in marriage. Although surrounded by dreams and passions, marriage must be addressed within everyday reality, problems in human relationships, lack of patience and incomprehension, financial difficulties, lack of information, resentment in the sexual area, and countless other misunderstandings.

Antonio and Margarita have completed fifty years of marriage, the golden wedding anniversary. Anyone who sees them with their white hair, walking from one place to another, imagines the small and large problems they had in their relationship during these long years. The struggles and experiences made them understand that the reality of life should not kill their dreams. However, we cannot live of dreams but of commitments.

We have heard: “I promise to love, honor, be faithful until death do us part!” If the commitment of love and loyalty remains in marriage, the reality of life will not destroy it.  By the way, this commitment of love and loyalty overcomes any barrier and transforms marriage into a sweet reality.

Ildefonso Torres