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Today’s Reading: Ephesians 3:14-19 Version NIV

They married! Now they are living in the same house; now they show each other as they really are. Before marriage, they were careful on how they dressed, well combed hair, face makeup; everything was said and done with courtesy, attention and affection. Love and romance flowed everywhere!

Now they are married, however, not always well dressed, or well groomed. Now they do not always show a smile on their lips, they show their ailments, signs of ageing, love and romance disappear as if by magic.

The reality of marriage places us face to face with the loved one, as he or she is not as we had thought it was. This is where love is tested. We need true love, able to defeat our selfishness and make us think about the person we have on our side. True love is the one we receive from Jesus Christ. He showed us his love, giving his own life for us. With the love of Christ in our hearts we can defeat personal interests and begin to consider the interests of the other person, desiring their welfare, and happiness. That’s the reality.

Ildefonso Torres