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The Reaction
Today’s Reading:1 Corinthians 13:1-10 Version NIV

 Many men and women, after declaring undying love at the wedding, and even during the honeymoon, confront the reality that roars like a lion. It is that some bring their unrealistic expectations to the marriage and disappointment begins to devour marital happiness. The list of expectations is sometimes overwhelming. Among them is that marriage will solve all personal problems, that romance will hold the marriage together forever, that communication will be natural and automatic and that religious differences will be insignificant. All constitute the foundation of a home built over the sand.

 Eventually they react and collapse over another reality: “This is not the good looking, pleasant, and understanding wife, I married!” “This is not the cheerful, gentle, kind and romantic man I married!” What can be done? Give the woman back to her family? ¿Give the man back to his mother who with shedding tears left him?

As they fall into the reality of married life, the reaction is not to change, but to transform the person into the husband or wife of their dreams. Then they try to change each other. However, is it possible to change the way people do things and act? Is it fair to think about changing a person with whom we have married, without being willing to change our own way of life?

 The husband and wife are different people and their individuality should be respected. However, those who truly love must be able to respect others without trying to impose a certain way of being. We need the love of Christ Jesus, the love of God, to come into our lives, because true love demands nothing in return.

Ildefonso Torres