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Shelter Final
Today’s Reading: Psalm 46:1-7 Version NIV

At weddings, we hear this phrase, “Happy forever!” Later, however, the reality of every day upsurge; and with them, attempts to change the other person. As you cannot change a person, without destroying their personality or willpower, it only remains to sigh: “Ah, it was good when I was single!”

Given the problems of life, marital or of any other nature, it does not make any sense to say: “If I had not married!” “If my husband or wife was someone else”!

The woman or man you married is what he or she is. Unless he or she dies, unless there is a separation, you will continue next to each other. You need to do something, react and strive to understand and love this person as she or he is.

If after so much discord and so many fights in your marriage not even a little bit of love is left, have the humility to ask God for forgiveness and grace to start all over again.

God is more interested in your life and the stability of your marriage, than you think. He is the source of love, joy and life. God is your shelter and strength.

Ildefonso Torres