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Parents & Children Spa
Today’s Reading: Deuteronomy+6:6-7; Proverbs 22:6; Ephesians 6:4 Version ESV

What is the place of children in the family? How do we face them during marital crisis? Some deceive themselves by thinking that, when children come, comprehension and understanding between them will be back. What often happens is that the children take the place of the husband or the wife, and this is a serious problem. The children are temporarily given; they come and then leave. You need to understand this. Our wife must be for us the most important person in the family. On the other hand, we expect to continue to remain number one in her life.

And what should be the position of the parents in relation to the children? It should be a position of authority, not authoritarianism; they must raise and avoid alienating the children.

Raising children requires a commitment to live before them the principles of God, teaching them such principles. In this experience, the husband and wife need to find agreement and cooperation. They must be united in the decisions and cannot remove the authority of the other in front of the children.

The husband and wife need to have the wisdom and grace of Christ to support each other’s lives in the difficult days.

Ildefonso Torres