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Contentious Woman
Today’s Reading: Proverbs 27:15-16
One known way of torturing a prisoner is to place him in a small cell and let water drops fall on his head constantly. This type of torture will carry a prisoner to madness. The attitudes of a contentious wife are compared by the wise King Solomon with a “constant dripping”. Their complaints, irony, misunderstandings and criticisms fall on the head of her husband, day after day, leading to emotional distress and chaos. Her world is filled with selfishness, indifference and constant loneliness. She does not know how to build, and easily destroys the harmony of the home. All flee from her, she lives in a constant state of war, facing those living around her as potential enemies, her tongue is sharp, and her words are constant. Suffers and makes suffer, transforms her home into a real battlefield. A wife already defeated.

On the contrary, victorious is the wife who fears the Lord. This is wise. She replaces strife with comprehension and love. If you are a quarrelsome wife, ask God to transform your life, helping you to be loving, understanding and worthy of your home and family. You can achieve all of these through Jesus Christ.

Ildefonso Torres