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Nee Beginings 1
Today’s Reading: John 8:3–11
Someone wrote: “How I wish there was a place called ‘Land of new beginnings’ where all our disappointments and bitterness could fall from our shoulders like dirty old garments which we will not use again.”

The Pharisees arrested an adulterous woman and brought her to Jesus, insisting that to comply with the law she had to die by stoning. Jesus challenged the Pharisees, saying, “Let him who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” Jesus did not agree with the immoral life of the woman. However, he gave her the chance to start anew. “Go and sin no more,” he told her.

In God’s love and goodness there is a place, a place where you can drop the old and dirty clothing of bitterness, disappointment and sin. And the best is that you will never have to wear them again.

In God’s love and goodness, there is a place where you can start again. How wonderful is this! Although we are not worthy of much compassion, the love of Jesus makes us new people with a new life ahead. Blessed be His name!

Ildefonso Torres