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hallucinated generation
Today’s Reading:Romans 1:24-27 Version CEV
There are some in our generation that live hallucinated by the desire for adventure and success. Propaganda, for the most part, is aimed at young people, so unisex is preferred and the same uses and customs are adapted to males and females.

Sex symbols are no longer manly men or beautiful women. Today, the ambiguous, that which brings bisexual qualities, has been placed as a symbol of this generation.

There is a huge variety of sexual misfits, both men and women; at every step, a stream of slaves of sin, vice and sexually transmitted diseases, is increasing.

AIDS is killing the homosexual population. And some want to show that this disease is just another epidemic. Do you assume responsibility for what you do? To assume is, above all, to be responsibility to preserve your own life and that of your peers.

The homosexual needs to reflect on the conditions of the life he leads. You must ask yourself: Is it worth it? Isn’t all of this a passing illusion and an adventure that will have to be finished soon?

Just read today’s reading to know what God, your creator, says about you. You must be a real man! You should be an honest woman! You have to be as God commands, you and all of us, to be!

Ildefonso Torres