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God's Remedy
Today’s Reading: Romans 12:21 Version CEV

When you are treated unfairly at work, you will like to go and confront whoever bothers you.

In a bus, someone pushes you. In your car, on your way home, someone cuts you off or honks constantly wanting to pass and get ahead. It makes you want to start a fight.

At least at home things are going well! Well, not always! There is a lack of cooperation, insults, aggressive and hurtful words. And after the discussion follows bitterness, indifference, tears and the desire to drop everything and leave.

Before you get in an argument and fight; before thinking of abandoning everything or continue lamenting your fate, remember: The evil that one receives at home, on the street or anywhere else, can never be removed with the evil we can do. Violence breeds violence! There is only one remedy, an expensive difficult to find now a days. A remedy that never fails: “Don’t let evil defeat you, but defeat evil with good.” This can only be a remedy of God!

Ildefonso Torres