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Today’s Reading: John 7:38-39; 4:14 Version CEV

It is not easy to live with small doses of joy. A party today, a memorial tomorrow, a joke that a friend tells us, a cheerful comment from a coworker, a funny situation at home. But between one laugh and another you will have moments of loneliness, sadness, worry, and insecurity.

It would be great that everyone had within an inexhaustible source of joy, something that would give us joy and constant welfare, regardless of the circumstances, good or bad. So we would be happier more time. Faced with the most serious problems, we would have a smile, peace and inner satisfaction, something out of the ordinary, a peace that surpasses our understanding, a source of inner joy.

This would be the end of dependence on small doses of joy and loneliness to break up the uncertain moments of life.

Jesus compared the Holy Spirit to a living source in our hearts. An inexhaustible source of life and joy, because the Spirit of God is also joy. This is what you need. Ask God to give you the Holy Spirit. He is the inner source of joy and life!

Ildefonso Torres