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Jesus Is Peace
Jesus Is Peace
Today’s Reading: Ephesians 2:13-18 Version NIV

If there were no war, there would not be peace. Peace would not exist if there were no discord, hatred, quarrels and separation.

If two people put aside their differences, forget their offenses and are reconciled, we say that they have made peace.

When two countries are at war, they are called by the organization of the United Nations to implement a ceasefire and a peace treaty.

Some think that peace is a state of mind and not a mere absence of conflict. For this, the best illustration is the bird that sings on the branch of a tree that sways in the middle of a storm. Everything around is in a state of confusion and disorderliness, however, peace exists within him. What we find inside the head of this bird is the absence of a sense of danger, threat, concern, so he sings as if everything around was calm, quiet and in peace.

The war, the storm may exist within us. We need peace! Open or veiled conflict, generate a war of nerves, aggression and bitterness. We need peace! Jesus is our peace! He reconciles us with God, appeases our inner being, and restores our harmony with those around us. This peace is so deep and real, that when we reach it, we will never lose it, even though the world is upside down.

Have the peace of Christ in your life!

Ildefonso Torres