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Today’s Reading: Hebrews 11:13-16

Christianity is like a refugee. He lives in the world as a pilgrim. His life is based on faith, because he walks in one direction to a final destination towards a safe home, a superior homeland. In this he believes. It is not a mirage in the midst of difficulties, sufferings and anxieties of life, but a certainty. The certainty that God prepared a city. Naturally, a country with no borders or distinctions of language, race, color or nationality. Christ is the only Lord, without any human government.

Heavenly Homeland is not a fantasy of the Christian, nor prevents him to participate actively and constructively in the care of an earthly homeland. On the contrary, the principles of the New Nation are already reflected in their behavior and character. Christ is already his Lord and Christ principles are his law. So, Christian, following the principles of the Gospel, will be distinguished by their moral attitude, honest demeanor, fulfillment of duties, loyalty to others, their defense of law and justice and this is just patriotism.

May our lives be constructive and beneficial, and with God’s help we can convey to others the hope of a heavenly homeland.

Ildefonso Torres