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Today’s Reading: Romans 12:15 Romans 12:15 – ESV
Men don’t cry, that’s for women! This expression though very common, is not correct. We all weep and sometimes it’s good to weep. We weep outside and we weep inside. It’s better when the sobs and tears well up in our chest and our eyes, this way we find some relief.

We weep for our anxieties and for the sorrows of others, because the Bible teaches us: “Weep with those who weep.”

“Weep with those who weep” is an attitude of love; is when the pain and suffering of another person becomes my pain and suffering.

Our neighbor suffers and feels anxiety when he loses a loved one; He suffers when passing through a family financial crisis. Our neighbor also suffers when he engages in lack of moral order. In a situation like this it is easier to blame than to support. It is easier to abandon the person than to identify with them.

We must support at all times; but our tendency is to leave the person to their own misfortune.

“Weep with those who weep” is to identify with the feelings of suffering. This makes us brothers. The Bible tells us to love our friends at all times and that we should be like brothers in times of distress.

Ildefonso Torres