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Today’s Reading: Galatians 3:25-29 Version CEV

We all have a natural tendency to reject those who are not like us. We find it easier to reject than to accept those who are physically, culturally, mentally or socially different.

Among the first Christians at Rome there were many differences. They were Jews, Greeks, slaves and free. There was much discrepancy between their customs and their way of thinking. To keep them together, the apostle Paul found a simple solution: He encouraged and urged all of them, with mutual respect

The word “accept” means “consent to receive”. Imagine yourself in the middle of a large crowd. You feel insecure, afraid. Suddenly someone calls you by name, runs to you and gives you a hug. It is precisely what Paul meant by “accepting”.

We all need to feel that acceptance; if not, we are lost. This is essential for all; for husbands and wives; for children, at home and at school. Children, in fact, do everything possible to feel part of a group. It’s terrible to be left aside, totally ignored!

Today we pray to God this way: “O Lord, open our hearts to welcome our brothers and sisters who have been ignored and that need so much our acceptance. Amen”.

Ildefonso Torres